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Our authors are excellent, but they can always do better. They don’t know everything, are too busy to delve into numerous tech specifics, and lack hands-on expertise like industry thought leaders. We created a platform where professionals from diverse sectors may share their knowledge and fresh views with our readers.

Berliner47.de’s contributor platform aims to build communities. We encourage frequent contributions from diverse businesses that want to work with PR firms. We’ll only accept writers with legitimate, authoritative knowledge in their industry.

Write For Us Why?

Guest blogging looks excellent for business growth. Guest blogging may benefit whether you’re a startup or a major organization.

Quality Traffic Increases

Bloggers see a rise in site traffic from guest blogging.

More Subscribers

Guest blogging’s subscribers are fascinating. Guest posting will get you more subscribers than regular.

Improved SERP And DA

Credible content improves Google Page rank over time without special SEO methods or numerous links.

Online Influence

Guest posting nourishes readers’ ideas and boosts your image.


Berliner47.de requires hard labor. To make sure your blogs are great, we’re here to help. Once accepted, our staff will provide comments and may request adjustments.

Who benefits? Your work is likely to be spotted by potential employers, publishers, and clients who frequent our blog. A contributor’s experience includes learning and an outstanding platform for sharing ideas and experiences.


You can submit a rough copy, partial manuscript, or pitch that highlights what you want to contribute and why it matters to our readers. We’ll give you more feedback the more you submit. To do so, provide an article outline. We don’t post duplicate stuff.


We make sure everything on our blog is reader-focused. We prioritize content quality, authenticity, and integrity.


Our readers know the basics of B2B IT, thus our blog provides new and useful information.


We use a professional, engaging tone that matches the material flow. We prefer strong, engaging, human voices.


  • We value real reporting and analysis. A thesis or coherent argument is preferable to a collection of tips.
  • Blog contributions should be 500-800 words, and feature pieces should be 1200 words. We propose pitching ideas to the editor for fresh reporting. advice “Please write”
  • If you attach a whole piece, use Word, not PDF.

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