How To Drive Traffic To Your Site ?


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To grow a company, both search engine optimization (SEO), as well as social media marketing, are necessary. However, it is up for debate which one is better.

Social media signals do not have any direct effect on site rankings. This means that you should not see your rank in search results increase no matter what number of likes or shares you have on Facebook. But they do.

Your social media presence has an indirect effect on your organic SEO. You get more people to your website if you have lots of engagement on social networks. This improves the visibility of your website.

Your visibility can influence your ranking in search results. In a way, social media has an indirect impact on SEO.

Both SEO and social media marketing are necessary to drive traffic to your website. We will take a closer look at the reasons both are important. Find out the importance of social marketing and its impact on organic SEO through an online marketing agency.

Social Media Engagement Triggers More Traffic

Engagement is one of the major reasons why organic SEO has a positive effect.

Websites that have a majority of their traffic through social media sites are more likely to rank higher in organic search results than websites that have a lot of traffic from organic SEO.

What drives traffic from social networks to a site? It’s user engagement. People must click on your content. They must share, retweet, and not just share.

You will find that the top websites in every industry offer content that is relevant to their audience. Finding the right content to share should be a major part of your web media strategy.

Knowing your target audience will help you drive engagement which will then drive traffic to the site which, in turn, drives up search engine rankings.

Active Social Media Users

You don’t automatically get a lot of user engagement just because you have a lot of followers. You must be active with these followers.

A post average will receive 80 interactions before any user clicks the link. This means that while 79 people share and like the post, only one person clicks on the link to go to the website.

This rate will increase if there are more active followers. How do you attract active followers? Being more active. You must establish a schedule to guide your social media strategy. Follow it.

Be consistent in your efforts and be willing to take part in conversations. Look for groups and communities you can join. These steps will allow you to attract active followers, increasing your overall engagement.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic contributes to your overall web traffic. Referral traffic is what search engines use to determine search engine rankings. If a website receives many referrals, it is assumed that the page has valuable content.

This is yet another example of how your social media activity can improve your rankings. If your social media activity is generating a lot more traffic, you will see your rankings increase for the relevant keywords. The rank tracking tools free or paid online can help you monitor your rankings to alert you when there are changes in rankings.

This isn’t due to your social media interactions increasing, but rather the fact you are receiving more referrals.


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