Cleaning your home in a clever way

Cleaning your house is a clever way. Every home, no matter how big or tiny will become filthy. Shoes and open windows will bring dirt and dust into your home. On the furniture and the floor, filth accumulates. With our amazing cleaning recommendations for your home, you’ll need to make certain lifestyle and living habits changes to make your home shining and fresh.

1. Take off your shoes at the door: To take away the outdoor shoes, install a shoe cabinet or create a separate space for them at the entry. To keep dust and bacteria at bay, keep inner shoes that you wear inside the house and outside shoes or slippers separate.

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2. Jute or fabric doormats: A jute or fabric doormat may readily trap dirt from shoes before they enter. You should clean the entrance mats at least once a week because they collect all of the dirt from outside shoes.

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3. Clean daily: Make it a practice to clean your home daily to prevent dust from forming a thick layer. Cleaning doors and windows with a microfiber duster prevent dust from migrating into the air.

4. Make your bed: At least twice a week, change your bed sheet and pillow coverings. It will take a lot of effort to keep your area dust-free. Dust can accumulate in pillows and thick blankets, so wash them regularly.

5. Vacuum and mop: Dust may be removed from sofas, furniture, curtains, and carpets with a vacuum cleaner. Water is quite efficient in keeping dust at bay, so mop the floor every day.

6. Keep doors and windows closed: After the morning hours, make sure to close the doors and windows. Outside dust will not accumulate as a result of this method.

7. Deep cleaning: Deep cleaning your home at least once every 15 days is recommended. Always clean from the top to the bottom. To begin, use the duster to remove any dirt or web from the ceiling.

8. Soft toys should be kept on a shelf or in a cupboard. Do not leave toys on the floor; soft toys can be washed in the washing machine, and they should be cleaned every two weeks.

9. Remove magazines and newspapers regularly: Magazines and newspapers take up a lot of room and attract dust, so get rid of them every fortnight or month.

10. Clean your restrooms at least twice a week to keep germs and infections at bay. If the washroom is not maintained clean, the entire household can become infected.